Posted on January 27, 2020

Winner of the National Investment Forum Prize worth $3,500


Tom Worcester ,  Runner Up – Winner of the Nessa Group Consulting Prize worth $1,000 OneDish Inc

Rick Marro, Founder & CEO 833-866-3474 

OneDish is the mobile app that show people What to eat, not just Where to eat; and we do it, One signature Dish at a time! By focusing on the food first and displaying One signature Dish from each restaurant nearby, OneDish simply empowers users to elevate there dining experience; every time they use the OneDish app.
Special Mention


RICK ANNICHIARICO CEO / Founder 347-327-2988 

GymWisely is a controlled fitness club membership marketplace that allows Gyms and Studios to generate new revenue streams by selling their existing memberships AND by creating Customized Memberships that can be offered to members of other participating Gyms and Studio’s.

GymWisely members use an unlimited plan to get access to as many partial memberships as they want across all of our eligible partnering gyms and studios.