Posted on January 27, 2020

Winner of the National Investment Forum Prize worth $3,500


Ethan Klein, co-founder/designer ethan@3duxdesign.com203-522-3523 The 3DuxDesign award winning Architectural Modeling System blends art, design and hands on creativity with traditional STEM learning. Students in over 500 classrooms use our cardboard construction sets and project-based challenges as they ideate, design, collaborate and build solutions to real world problems. With 2 years and 1000’s of customers, we are ready to further develop our web-based global platform. 3DuxUniversity will be an educational program where thought leaders and change makers ready educate and inspire innovators of the future.
Runner Up – Winner of the Ascent Conference Prize worth $1,000

Sympal, Inc. 

Cheryl Shao, Dentist and Founder cherylbshao@gmail.com339-223-9624 

Sympal, Inc. is a clear aligner company hoping to disrupt the orthodontic industry. Currently, the clear aligner market takes 11% of the orthodontic industry, with braces taking the other 89%. Right now, clear aligners can only cover mild to moderate cases, but our orthodontic system SymTray aims to cover all cases. SymTray straightens your teeth, improves your facial profile, which reduces sleep apnea, snoring, and opens up your airway, all non-surgically. The market research shows patients prefer clear aligners over braces and also people care about a better face structure more than just straight teeth. We are the new braces.

Second Runner Up – Winner of the Nessa Group Consulting Prize worth $1,000


Tiernan Kennedy, CEO tiernankennedy@gmail.com914-426-1771

umba combines advanced tools and techniques to optimize risk exposures in emerging markets that are currently underserved by traditional banking services.The umba platform allows users to apply, receive and repay microloans through their mobile phone while using machine learning to underwrite using a risk score that is highly accurate and improves over time. umba has just rolled out a new online POS solution and is teaming up with some of the biggest e-commerce merchants to increase customers access to online goods and services.

Special Mention


Shauncey Burt, CEO shaunceyburt@gmail.com716-456-5456 

Gourmeal is a mobile app that allow spectators at an  professional sporting event or concert to order their food from their seat and have it brought to them. Without waiting in concessions lines.


Marvin Johnson, Co-Founder   678-360-8701 

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