Startupalooza provides regular open showcases for all kinds of startups. We guarantee you will pitch to 8+ Angel VCs. You get a rating on all aspects of your pitch, an introduction to the Investor community, a shot at funding, invaluable advice and an opportunity to win prize tickets to big Investor events worth thousands.

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What makes Startupalooza different from almost every other pitching event is that we are open to all. We don’t curate, discriminate or overcharge — we let our investors judge. We host our events in casual, collaborative venues, provide training in small workshops and give startups face time with investors.

All events are hosted and moderated by Alan Brody, a technology and startup veteran who facilitates exciting, inclusive events for the entrepreneurial community and offers instant, to-the-point feedback to those open to hearing it.

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Latest blog posts

26 March , 2020

"This Will Not Go Viral" - Life After Lockdown

The world is taking a big hit. It’s unprecedented and we are all wondering how one little bug can do...

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12 February , 2020

The 5 Things You Need to Know About Pitching an Idea

After reviewing thousands of pitches, we can identify a few critical issues that most startups need to understand. We also...

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27 January , 2020

DC 2020 "Friend an Angel" Event

Winner of the National Investment Forum Prize worth $3,500 MindStand Technologies Michael Ogunsanya, MindStand Technologies is a safety management tool...

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